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"tear a good man's reputation down..."

1. name: Troy
2. age: 21
3. 3 favorite blues artist: duane allman, muddy waters, and mike bloomfield.
4. 3 favorite guitarist ( any genre): warren haynes, jimmy page, and sonny landreth
5. 3 favorite blues songs (the artist who recorded my favorite version, not necessarily the one who wrote it): stevie ray vaughan - "cold shot," jimi hendrix - "catfish blues," albert king and gary moore - "stormy monday."
6. 3 favorite songs ( any genre) - the smiths - "asleep," duane allman and dickey betts - "little martha," thelonious monk - "all this piano boogie."
7. how you feel about clapton: he's a ripoff artist who took advantage of the blues boom in england to rise to prominence, then continued his career by tastelessly using new effects technology and surrounding himself with musicians who are actually talented. the one good thing he can claim responsibility for is bluesbreakers, and that album is more like a spectacular rhythm section supporting a freddie king impersonator than any sort of original work. he hasn't done anything relevant since "tears in heaven." ban me if you want.
8. how you feel about bb king: is the blues. his tone, his voice, his phrasing... live at the regal is one of my top 10 blues records.
9. how you feel about the allman brothers: three of the greatest guitar duos of all time (duane and dickey, and then dickey and warren haynes, and then warren and derek trucks), a great blues shouter and decent songwriter (gregg), two great bass players (berry oakley and allen woody), and a wonderful rhythm section. "eat a peach" is my favorite record, and "little martha" is my favorite song.

a question: you want diversity, people with their own opinions, blah blah. but no one who dislikes clapton is allowed?

doesn't make much sense to me.
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