they call it stormy monday

but tuesdays just as bad

blues chops
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let's see i love music it's my life. i listen to classic rock and blues...for the most part. i love blues so much because it's so meaningful it's music that really comes from the heart which is why i made this community. i also play guitar, i play alotta blues and rock.

there aren't many rules i am not a dictator and i believe in free speech but please do not join if you don't like blues, or eric clapton.
title all your postes as i've got the blues, they call it stormy monday, or something else from a blues song.
also this is a community were people should be able to have their own opinons so please don't bash eachothers thoughts on things, there's know need to be rude.

also once excepted which you more then likely will be please post the follwing
1. name
2. age
3. 3 favorite blues artist
4. 3 favorite guitarist ( any genre)
5. 3 favorite blues songs
6. 3 favorite songs ( any genre)
7. how you feel about clapton
8. how you feel about bb king
9. how you feel about the allman brothers.